Our Tuition Cost Breakdown

The cost of the program is $3000.00 including CPR, and Basic-Administration, it should be paid in full prior to the first day of class. Weekly payment plans or outside lending sources are available. Students should make arrangements prior to enrollment. For weekly payment plans call for details.


At the time of enrollment there is a deposit of $300.00 which is applied to the tuition. The $300.00, is for liability insurance, books, and all supplies. The registration fee is $100. 


There will be a hardcopy textbook with a CD, a workbook,  and a pocket guide for dental instruments. 

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

The enrollment agreement form is a legal instrument when the program accepts your  admission application. This agreement can be cancelled at any time within seven calendar days after signing the contract for a full refund. If  the withdrawal occurs  after seven calendar days from the original  date contract and prior to the first class, a refund will be given except the registration fee of $100.00. 

Students who elect to withdraw or are terminated from the program after class has started the tuition will be refunded or pro-rated as follows.


Percentage of course taught:       Tuition Refunded:                        Tuition Owed:

Less than 25%                                  75%                                            25%   

26-49%                                            50%                                            50%

50-74%                                            25%                                            75%

More than 75%                                No Refund                                  100%

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