ON-SITE Training & Certification for CPR,OSHA,HIPAA in Dental Offices


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Administrative Dental  Assistant 

This class will teach you Dentrix Software, computer skills, insurance filling and coding.

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Dental Office Management 

This class will teach you essential administrative tasks for management business aspects of the dental practice.

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We offer quality training through our Dental Assisting Training Program. Dental Assisting is a smart career choice for anyone who wishes to become a member of a team in a highly demanded profession. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, job skills and self confidence to work in a Dental Office. We believe that both classroom and hands on laboratory training are part of an essential formula for achieving our goals. Our instructors have worked in the dental field for over 36 years.  After completing our program you will get a Dental Assistant Certificate authorized by the Virginia State Council of Higher Education. Please take a look at our course curriculum inside. Please contact us so we may answer any questions and tell you how to get started!


Important information you should consider: 

According to the 2014 Job Search Guide published by Jobshop, Inc. Dental Assistant positions are expected to have high numbers of new jobs. Simply put, Dental Assistants are in high demand.


The average salary for a dental assistant ranges from $35K to $45K per year depending on experience, training, full or part time employment.


What does it mean to have a certificate for Dental Assisting?

Getting Employment has become very competitive over the past several years. Job opportunities are available, but only the most qualified personnel are considered for employment. Our certificate program lets Dentists know that you were properly trained in both knowledge and hands on skills that are required as a Dental Assistant. We will also show you how to market yourself for employment.


To get started, please take a look at our course curriculum inside. Job placement available.


Please contact us so that we can answer any questions and tell you how to get started. 

Dental Assisting Graduates

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